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Relevance In A Media-Saturated Society
Positioning your brand in front of consumers at the right time and place can be challenging – even for leaders in the marketing field. In a media-saturated society generating unique, interesting content while tastefully integrating a brand’s message has vastly increased in difficulty. Influential consumers are discerning, perceptive and highly aware of when they’re being pitched. We’ve spent nearly a decade educating our audience on the integral role our partners and sponsors play in bringing opportunities to Indianapolis. The result? A pre-emptive connection between the fans and brands.
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Branded Content Services:

» Content Curation
» Product Placement
» Interviews
» Social Media Check-ins
» Influencer Endorsements
» Sponsored Content
» Preview & Recap Videos
» Artist Sessions
» Fan Favorites & “Best of” Lists
» Exclusive Access
» Custom Event Calendars
» Festival Schedule Platform
A Trusted Voice
The success of our creative services team is built on engaging audiences through research-backed mediums with influential content. As a trusted voice in the community, we create relevant content positioning our partners and sponsors in channels where their target audience is already looking. Our hyper-focused scope of content services include content creation, video, and product placement and are customized to resonate with consumers to achieve high-level objectives.
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