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Payment Terms

MOKB Presents Payment Policy


  • Unless payment terms have been approved, all Sponsorship fees are due within 7 business days after the date of acceptance of the proposal or contract. 
  • Payment terms will adhere to the terms accepted on your proposal.  


  • We happily accept payments via company check, cashers check, Paypal, Stripe, Bank ACH/Wire and all major credit cads. 
  • Credit Cards: Credit Card/online payments under $1,000 do not incur a service fee.  Credit Card/online payments over $1,000 are subject to a 3% service charge, which will be added to your invoice or submitted as an additional invoice.  or more are subject to a 3% credit card service charge
  • Checks: Make checks payable to MOKB Presents 1043 Virginia Ave Suite 217 Indianapolis, IN 46203
  • ACH/Wire: ACH and wire transfer payments will incur a flat $40 service fee which is issues by the bank to receive incoming wire transfers.


  • Any balance that past 30 days or more past due is subject to late charges thereafter, calculated at the greater of 1.5% interest per month or the maximum rate permitted by law.
  • Provider may suspend performance or provision of the Services, or terminate the Agreement with Client as specified herein.  
  • Client agrees to pay all reasonable charges and expenses, including attorney’s fees and expenses, which may be incurred by MOKB Presents in enforcing this Agreement and/or collecting any amount due in connection with the Sponsorship Proposal. 

For any accounting questions, please contact:
Diane Giesse –

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