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Swap It Like It’s Hot

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Event Profile

The ultimate clothing swap adventure: shopping, recycling and boozing. Bring your gently-used items that you no longer wear and swap them out for new-to-you pieces at LO-FI Lounge. Bring one, take one–no money changes hands. While most events are focused on women’s fashion there are opportunities throughout the year for swaps focused on children and men.

Swap It Like It’s Hot promotes sustainability in the fashion world by giving clothing items a second chance and new home. Clothing donations leftover from each event are donated to local support centers including The Julian Center and Dress For Success.


Date: Ongoing – 2018

Upcoming Events: Coming Soon

Frequency: Quarterly


Attendance: 200

Attendee Profile:
21-45 years of age, 17% male vs. 83% female
Thrifters, Bargain Hunters, Environmentally Conscious, Sustainable Lifestyle, Vintage, Artisans


Available: Presenting Sponsor, Official Sponsor

Key Categories: Fashion, Apparel, Local Business, Education, Community Organizations, Nonprofits

Market: Indianapolis

Costs: $500-$1,500

Costs: $250 – $500

Current & Past Sponsors

Sponsors: Coming Soon

Partners: Julian Center, Dress For Success, Do317


Posters, Street Teams, Social Media, Paid Digital Advertising, Radio, Press Releases, E-mail subscribers.

Email Subscribers: 79,000+
Instagram: 15,000+
Facebook: 25,000+
Twitter: 4,800+
YouTube: 18,400+

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